Prism Stalker

#2 out 04/11

Far from the border of colonized space, a newly discovered planet teems violently with strange psychic life and puzzling telekinetic ecology. The planet's untouched resources become a beacon to powerful entities galaxy-wide, from infamous space mercenaries to insidious corporations.

The eye of opportunity is closing.

Vep, a refugee raised away from her devastated home planet as an indentured citizen in a foreign colony, is taken by a private military firm to assist in settling the new planet.

Vep and a fleet of young soldiers are put through rigorous training at an elite academy to adapt to this enigmatic new planet and the strange power it gives and exerts over them. They struggle through their lethal training all while grappling with their own identities, loyalties and morals.


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MARCH 7 / 24 PAGES / FC / T / $2.99

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Bottom Matter

neotenomie made this music

neotenomie is a composer, toymaker & human ambassador to the world curse.

She has contributed noise & more to games such as Bellular Hexatosis, the MUSIC FRIEND series, With Those We Love Alive and Crypt Underworld. She is also 1/2 of electronic pop duo rook&nomie. » bandcamp »
Stephen Lovell made this website

Stephen is a storyteller, designer, and changeling. He is the Voice In The Borderlands.

He makes websites for artists and creative projects when he's not working on his own illustrative, prose, or comics work. » @stephencreates »
Sloane Leong made this comic

Sloane Leong is a self-taught cartoonist, artist and writer of Hawaiian, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Choctaw, Welsh and German ancestries.

She explores themes of survival, displacement, relationships, spirituality, identity and mental illness through literary vehicles like science fiction, horror, adventure and slice-of-life genres. » @sloanesloane »